The world is so fascinating when it's connected...

8BitBandits is an independent developer based out of Orlando, Florida.

We are a group of like minded engineers, designers,artists and tech enthusiasts with pretty rad ideas and a combination of skills to develop and execute them into digital systems and applications . "Skills we have acquired over a very long career (10 YEARS!) Skills that make me a nightmare for pe.... just kidding huge Liam Neeson fans,i take that back huge Taken fans... Taken 1 fans. Just Taken 1...

We've been very lucky to meet eachother despite our distant locations or different cultural identities. Our team is spread out between canada, the states, europe and the west coast of Africa. We are fascinated with new technologies especially anything that connects people and inspires the simple execution of complexed ideas; We aim to showcase this sentiment in every line of code we write.


No Peeking...

We got something pretty cool in the woodworks! Lol woodworks! get it because of the wood til..Nevermind Stay tuned....

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Best of the Net at work at all hours

We work hard for ourselves and even harder for clients

I mean look at that office... LOOK! AT! IT! WE'RE ALWAYS GLUED TO OUR SCREENS


Reach out to us

We always love to hear from you, Feedback on our vision or a project you want us to help you with all is welcome

8BitBandits Limited

2431 Aloma Ave Suite #124

WinterPark, 32792

1 (321)-234-7179